The future of housing is in your hands.

Support housing related initiatives, enhance quality of life, and promote volunteerism

We are the Future of Housing Community Foundation

FCBR’s Board of Directors has voted to establish a new 501 (C3) Non-Profit foundation to be called the Future of Housing Community Foundation and have made an initial commitment of $85,000 to leverage our member’s community investments funds in the way that can best support housing affordability and our member needs. The creation of this new entity and funding approach is one of FCBR’s 2016 Strategic Plans’ action items read more about this Strategic Action and other key efforts including our “Bridges to Success” program.

Mission: To support housing-related initiatives by assisting the community and Association members to enhance the quality of life through need-based financial assistance, non-profit support, education and disaster relief while promoting volunteerism.

Our Board

If you would like to learn more, make a contribution as an initial investor, or volunteer to help with the creation of this historic entity please contact us at 970-223-2900.